Web Design is not all about the look and making something attractive. Don't get it wrong that is a good part of it, but there is more. There is the site performance, designing a website for Search Engine Optimization and the consistency across the different browsers.

With all of this put into your website design, you will have the customers attention not only for the look but for the professionalism of your website. over 70% of business are found online. That means most of your customers make a decision to contact you, purchase your products or even come into the store before they even see what your business can offer.


Logos, name, color scheme, slogans. What does all of this say about you or our business?

Does it give off characteristics of Quality, Strength, Ability and Trust.

Will your Brand Identity make you stand out with your competitors? Brand Identity and Web Design go hand in hand. They combine to allow you give the strongest first impression to customer you have not even met.


Why keep paying someone to redo simple changes to your website? With CMS or Content Management Systems, you can control the content on your website. Change the logo, change the welcome message, even change the color scheme of your site.

Keeping the content on your website update and valid help keep the consumer out there interested in your website. If you allow you content to become old and stale then the impression the consumer gets is do they care this much about the service they provide.

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